About Me

As an 80s kid, barefly born before the unification of Germany, I was too young for Hasselhoff’s Brandenburger Tor performance. His Knight Rider series however, were big in my heart. My love for cars may have an origin right there.

After my high school graduation I served the mandatory service in the German army and started to attend computer science classes. During that time I had the opportunity to live in the most amazing cities. However my heart was still beating for cars so I changed my major to Automotive Engineering. My school calls it Vehicle Technology, which sounds a bit dull compared to the more common name, doesn’t it?

I went to Yokohama for a 12 month internship and it changed myself for good. That country is lovely, the cars are grandious and people very nice. I bought my dream car there and shipped it back to Germany. This blog will be dedicated to that car.

Enjoy my blog, Mehmet Emin Köklü