January 3, 2018

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Learn Japanese with a User's Manual

For everyone studying mechanical/automotive engineering and an interest in the Japanese automotive industry, what better way is there to learn car related vocabulary? Luckily, my classic car came with the manual, which I believe is not often the case. This one is as old as my car, maybe some vocabulary changed by now. I need to learn my car anyway, so let’s make it a study object, concentrating on Kanji and technical vocabulary.

Front cover of the Sprinter Trueno handbook.

Let’s start with the front page. It has the cars brand and model name written in Katakana and in Rōmaji. The word for user’s manual however is interesting. In this case it is an abbreviation.

() (あつか) 説明書(せつめいしょ)

The text below means something like “Please read this carefully. Let’s keep this manual in the car.”

よくお() みになってご 使用(しよう) ください。 取扱書(とりあつかいしょ) (くるま) (なか) 保管(ほかん) しましょう。

保管(ほかん) する actually means “to keep something safely”. However the first sentence has a weird format. Maybe it means “Please use [the car] after carefully reading [this manual]”. The context however is clear.

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